There are several advantages offered by this new way of buying that allows you to reduce the number of packaging and therefore waste, buy the right amount of food, allowing us to avoid any waste and offers a fair saving on product costs. A system of purchasing that is aware and compatible with the environment, therefore. Proper supermarket produce displays can be a partial solution.

Let’s see what the sales points where you can buy on tap are and where they are located throughout Italy:


Campea in Borgo
In Pavia , in Via dei Mille 50, you will find ” Campea in Borgo “, a shop where you can buy organic detergents with a short supply chain for the home and for the person, natural yarns and participate in knitting and crochet courses and theoretical dyeing workshops natural.

Semperbio , in Milan , in Via Giuseppe Broggi 13, is a place where you can not only do your shopping on tap but also spend some of your free time drinking a coffee or tea, enjoying a smoothie or a good glass of wine or participating in tastings and cultural events. And not only: in Semperbio your dogs are also welcome, for which you can also buy vegetarian croquettes.

Mamma Natura
Spokesperson for a new lifestyle based on the elimination of all that is superfluous, Mamma Natura from Via Carnia 7, in Milan , founded by a young couple, is a shop where everything is sold strictly in bulk, by weight. Organic pasta, zero km table wine, pulses, cereals, detergents and soaps: many types of products available to customers.

The angle of wine
In Milan , at Piazza Insubria 22, you will also find L’Angolo diVino , a shop where you can buy bottled white, red and rosé wines, liqueurs and many other products, from taralli to pasta and oil and salami. Inside the store you can choose the wine you prefer from as many as 24 zero kilometer types. The angle of wine allows all customers to taste the wine for free before proceeding with the purchase: you can bring the bottle to be filled or buy one of 1-2-3 and 5 liters.

In Como , in Viale Cavallotti 2, you will find instead Verdesfuso , the ideal store for a sustainable expense and attentive to savings and not waste. Inside the store you will find pasta, rice, cereals, legumes, aromatic herbs, spices, jams, biscuits, draft wine, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas and much more. And there are plenty of detergents on tap and eco-organic cosmetics.

The Vinivendolo
In Monza , in via Ugolini 3, you will find Il Vinivendolo where you can choose and have the wine best suited to the different needs among a vast selection, from those of quality bulk to aged and valuable bottles. And do not miss the opportunity offered by the local to taste the different types of wine accompanied by delicious cold cuts and fine cheeses.

Desi Sfuseria Alimentare
In Sirmione , in the province of Brescia, in via Todeschino 21, starting from June 26th you will find “ Desi ” the first food sfuseria of Lake Garda where you can make your own purchases choosing from many varieties of organic products, both food and for care of the person and the home. And there will be dietetic products and specific ones for those suffering from food intolerances.

Biosballo is located in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) in Via Marconi, 1.1 a stone’s throw from the MM1 Sesto Rondò red metro line. Inside it is possible to find numerous products that will allow an economic saving for the wallet: the packaging increases the cost of the products. And a food saver: because you can buy even the small quantities you need.

A thousand bubbles
In Mantua , in via Oslavia 4, you will find “Mille bolle”, a shop where you can buy detergents, liquid soaps and household and household cleaners, on tap.

Local Planet
In the province of Brescia, in Breno , in piazza Vittoria 11, do not miss the chance to make a jump from ” Local Planet “: find many different types of zero km products and a selection of food excellences from Italy and abroad.


Light Store
Born from an idea about 10 years ago by five young friends from Turin, Light Shop is today a well-known and appreciated reality not only in Turin but also in Milan, Bergamo, Morbegno, Asti, Moncalieri, Rome and Novara . Inside the store, all the goods are loose: the consumer arrives already equipped with the container and buys on the plug only the quantity of product that he really needs with a saving that reaches up to 70 percent for those products where the packaging has a major impact on the final cost and 20 percent where packaging weighs more on cost. And some sales points also provide a home delivery service by bicycle.

Verdessenza is a Turin-based ecobottega designed and built by the Ecosum Cooperative Society, whose members come from the Environmental Studies Center of Turin, an experimental laboratory designed to raise awareness about the environmental impact of our daily choices. The suppliers are chosen on the basis of the quality of the products and the business ethics and most of the foods sold are of biological origin.

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