Israeli Apartheid Week 2015

Thank you to everyone who visited the Israeli Apartheid Week ( installation in Red Square this week, titled: “We Didn’t Cross the Borders, the Borders Cross Us.” SUPER UW and MEChA de UW partnered once again to make visible the intertwining struggles for justice and liberation in the Americas and in Palestine. The wall installation represents the US/Mexico border wall and the separation wall in Palestine; both of which violate international law and human rights.

In Palestine, the separation wall furthers the illegal occupation, annexes land to Israel, and restricts Palestinians’ movement and access to land and services (B’tselem). The US/Mexico border wall has caused thousands of deaths due to re-routes through the desert and deadly border patrols. (ACLU). These borders exist in a global system of economic and military domination. Some of the same companies are designing, maintaining, and profiting from these walls: Caterpillar, Israeli corporation Elbit, and Boeing to name a few.

IAW began at the University of Toronto in 2005, where organizers wanted to examine the emotional term of apartheid in reference to Israel through engaging in an analysis of the policies that categorize the Israeli system as apartheid. Apartheid is defined under international law as institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination of one racial group over another through systematic oppression.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “we know too well our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”  We know, specifically, that the struggle for a truly just immigration policy in North America is intimately entangled with the Palestinian struggle. From Mexico to Palestine, we stand in solidarity with people across the world affected by borders. This wall seeks to visually represent the violence of and resistance to histories of settler colonialism, militarism, displacement and Apartheid.


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