Nov 12

From Jim Crow to Israeli Apartheid – Featuring Aaron Dixon

SUPER UW was excited to share last evening with both the ISO and UW’s African Student Association hosting long-time Seattle activists and freedom fighters Aaron Dixon, Gerald Lenoir, and Jesse Hagopian. All three recently returned from the African Heritage Delegation to Palestine spoke not only of that recent experience but of the important history of African American solidarity with the Palestinian struggle from SNCC in the early 1960s to the Black Panther Party. “Zionism in Palestine and racism in America” they reminded us share “U.S. Imperialism in common.”

“Jim Crow, Apartheid, are alive and well in Palestine,” Gerald, one of the leaders of Seattle’s anti-South African-Apartheid movement, declared. Drawing on his history of solidarity organizing he remembered “we were calling for boycott, divestment, and sanctions of South Africa,” he went on “I am proud to say I was part of that movement and proud to be a part of the current BDS movement.” Recalling that anti-Apartheid movement spanning the 1950s to the 1980s, Gerald described boycotts of banks invested in South Africa as well as petitioning the UW board of regents to divest university funds from South African companies profiting from Apartheid. “We know that with persistence and organizing BDS can bring a country to its knees,” he concluded.

This work will not be without challenges, and Jesse highlighted the important role of people of color in the Palestine Solidarity movement. In his opening remarks he warned against the new strategy of “blackwashing” taking its place with “pinkwashing” and “greenwashing” as ways to obscure the bloody reality of Israeli occupation by positioning prominent African American leaders as supporters of Israel.

Aaron Dixon, the founder of Seattle’s Panther Party, described their visit to Palestine in damning terms. He witnessed, he said, a “diabolical” situation as well as the strength of the Palestinian people. “They don’t need our sympathy, they know they’re going to win.” Dixon reminded us that U.S. tax dollars fund the military technology used against Palestinians. He was struck, he added, by the parallels not only between the Palestinian struggle and the Civil Rights era in the United States, but our current reality of mass incarceration and stop and frisk policies, “our struggle is so connected, its our empire at work” here and there. He ended, “it’s going to be a fiercer fight than even we had for South African freedom,” he urged us to join the fight.

Video and Photographs of the event are posted below.


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Nov 05

From Jim Crow to Israeli Apartheid – Featuring Aaron Dixon

African-Americans and Palestinians have good reason to join their struggles together in solidarity.

Featuring guest speakers: Aaron Dixon, Gerald Lenoir, and Jesse Hagopian


Sponsored by: SUPER UW (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights), ASA (African Student Association) and UW ISO (International Socialist Organization)

The people of Palestine live daily under the longest continual occupation in the world today.  From racist apartheid laws that give Palestinians living in Israel the worst schools, homes, social services, and restrict their free speech, to the settler encroachment on the West Bank, to the blockade on Gaza that has turned it into what many commentators have called an open air prison, Palestinians face brutal oppression from the Israeli government, made possible by funding from the United States.

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Sep 24


Welcome back everyone. Looking forward to another eventful year at the University of Washington. SUPER UW will be participating in the Dawg Daze Student Activities Fair and HUB opening reception this Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00AM to 3:00PM at the HUB. We will be selling Hummus and buttons to raise funds for our group. We will be accepting credit cards too. Please stop by and help support us. If you just can’s wait to donate to SUPER, then by all means donate here. See everyone this week!

Aug 09

Israeli “General’s Son” Speaks – 10/4

Thursday, October 4th SUPER UW will be hosting Miko Peled, the son of the highly revered and influential Israeli General, Matti Peled, architect and leader of the 1967 six-day war. His family was deeply steeped from the early 1900s in the Zionist concept of creating a Jewish state in Palestine. After the war, General Matti Peled made a plea for the “conquered” areas to be returned for the sake of security, equality, human rights and peace to the people from which it was taken stating that without doing so Israel would never have peace or security.
Miko Peled will speak about his personal journey and study of Israeli state archives to unveil and dispel the many mythical and commonly accepted “truths” about the history of the Palestine/Israeli struggle since 1947, both for himself and for the larger community. 
More info forthcoming. Check back soon!
May 15

Nakba Day 2012

An installation documenting the hundreds of towns and villages ethnically cleansed during the Nakba. Location: University of Washington's 'quad'.

Today, SUPER commemorated Nakba Day on the University of Washington’s quad.

Nakba Day marks the forced expulsion of 700,000 indigenous Palestinians from their homes between 1947-49. The Nakba is an ongoing reality for the 4,797,723 descendants of the original Palestinian refugees.

The Batiste Dabke Team performed dabke, a Palestinian folk dance, during lunch hour on a beautifully sunny day on campus. A BIG thanks goes out to their crew!

Thank you to Hanna Eady who played beautiful Palestinian balads on oud.

SUPER was heartened by the meaningful discussions and widespread support on a crucial day of remembering past atrocities and action to end those that continue. We thank all those who came by our table for marking the struggle against the ongoing Nakba.

Some great and poetic quotation.


Please check out Aditya Ganapathiraju’s excellent photos from Nakba Day:

May 09

Private (2004)

Last night we held a screening and discussion of the 2004 film Private. The film offers a beautiful and complex portrayal of the lives of a Palestinian family living in a home occupied by Israeli soldiers. Catch the trailer below for more info. Also check our Calendar for more upcoming events

We had a really great discussion afterwards. Thanks everyone for coming out, and hope to see everyone at our Welcome Meeting this Thursday!

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May 04

United Methodists Call for Boycott of “products made by Israeli companies operating in occupied Palestinian territories”

Originally posted by the Palestinian BDS National Committee on May 3rd, 2012.

Adopting the “Kairos Palestine” document, Methodists Elevate Palestinian Rights and Israel Divestment to Mainstream Prominence

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” –Gandhi

Occupied Palestine, 3 May 2012 – The General Conference of the United Methodist Church decided yesterday to call for an explicit boycott of all Israeli companies “operating in the occupied Palestinian territories,” knowing that this constitutes the absolute majority of Israeli corporations. This and the overwhelming support for the “Kairos Palestine” document and its call “for an end to military occupation and human rights violations through nonviolent actions,” which include boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), will pave the way forward for further action by the Church to hold Israel accountable for its colonial and apartheid regime.

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Apr 30

Apartheid is not Fair Play… Boycott Adidas!

Originally posted by Palestinian BDS National Committee on April 30, 2012.

Palestinian civil society welcomes Arab boycott of Adidas and calls for a worldwide boycott due to company’s complicity in Israel’s occupation

Occupied Ramallah, 28 April 2012 — Palestinian civil society warmly welcomes the declaration of the Arab Youth and Sports Council of Ministers in support of a boycott of Adidas due to its sponsorship of an Israeli marathon that violates international law and whitewashes Israel’s illegal occupation of Jerusalem.[1] Particularly praiseworthy is the consequent decision by the Egypt Football Association to boycott Adidas despite the financial penalties it will incur as a result of doing so. [2] The BNC calls for an international boycott of Adidas until such time as it ends its involvement in the so-called “Jerusalem Marathon” as well as in any other Israeli events that serve to whitewash Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the city and violations of international law.

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