Support the NWDC Hunger Strike! Rally Today!

The struggle for justice is happening here in Washington.  People detained and held in Tacoma are on hunger strike demanding fairness, justice, an end to abuse and exploitation of prisoners, and cessation of deportations.
Last week SUPER collaborated with MEChA to stand in solidarity with people affected by borders.  The wall we built was on one side a small scale representation of the separation wall built by Israel into the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  The other side, painted by MEChA, included two panels painted with crosses in reference to the crucifixes affixed to the wall in memory of people who died crossing the border.

The struggle for human dignity and life is not only happening at the border, but in Seattle.  Deportation and detention of immigrants happens on a daily basis–tearing apart families and lives.  Right now, in Tacoma, people held in detention are on hunger and work strike in protest of their conditions and deportation.

SUPER, as we write in our mission statement, understand struggles for liberation as connected to each other. Through conversations with MEChA and research about the border walls and deportation we have seen concrete connections of how the wall is built and population control is exercised in Israel/Palestine and US/Mexico (Jimmy Johnson’s article pulls together many of these threads:

Hunger strikers are:

calling attention to the unrelenting deportations, the hunger strikers demands include

·      Improved food quality

·      Improved treatment (including medical treatment)

·      Increased pay for work in the facility (the current pay is $1.00/day)

·      An end to exorbitant commissary prices

·      Fundamental fairness and justice


Follow the link for signing to support hunger strikers in their demands for fairness and justice.

Signatures are needed TODAY! and there is also a solidarity rally in Tacoma this evening (Tuesday, March 11).

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